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Auto Glass Concepts provides Auto Dealerships and Service Centers with everything they need to perform windshield repair and increase their service department's revenue by up to 25% or more, At No Cost to Our Dealers and at No Additional Expense to over 85% of their customers. But that's not all, Auto Glass Concepts is also a subsidiary of Diversified Marketing Alliance, LLC. Which means, we can also provide your Service Department with professionally trained Service Greeters to perform glass repairs and conduct lite vehicle walk-arounds for each of your customers. Reducing the workload of your Service Advisors while increasing productivity, profitability and providing you with the additional staff you need to insure your customers are receiving the quality of service they want and deserve, ALL AT NO COST TO YOU!


Facts You Should Know

1. Your Customer's windshield is the 3rd most important safety feature on their vehicle, behind airbags and seatbelts.

2. Over 39% of your customer's vehicles contain one or more of the following types of damage that can weaken the structural integrity of their windshield:

1. Surface Chip  2. Bullseye  3. Half Moon  4. Angel Wings  5. Star  6. Straight Crack  7. Star Burst  8. Extended Ray on Bullseye

3. Over 85% of Auto Dealership customers carry full coverage insurance and in most cases can qualify to have these repairs coverred under their policy with: No out of pocket expense, No increase in premium and No deductible.

4. If your dealership or service center is not an Approved AGC Dealer offering Glass Repair: You're not providing your customers with the preventative maintanence necessary to keep them safe, You're not helping them avoid a costly windshield replacement in the future and YOU ARE LOSING MONEY!


How Much Can AGC Increase My Dealership's Bottom Line?

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