Your Second Chance at Checking

February 22, 2020 admin 0

Credit reports have a way of hanging over borrowers like a black cloud after they’ve overextended themselves or made late payments. Suddenly, getting another loan […]

Routing Transit Number

February 19, 2020 admin 0

What Is a Routing Transit Number? A routing transit number is a nine-digit number used to identify a bank or financial institution when clearing funds […]

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Electronic Check Presentment (ECP)

February 19, 2020 admin 0

Definition of Electronic Check Presentment (ECP) Electronic check presentment (ECP) is a process that allows financial institutions to exchange digital images of checks instead of […]

Account Balance Definition

February 18, 2020 admin 0

What Is an Account Balance? An account balance is the amount of money present in a financial repository, such as a savings or checking account, […]

Understanding Checks

February 16, 2020 admin 0

What Is a Check? A check is a written, dated, and signed instrument that directs a bank to pay a specific sum of money to […]