Debt Buyer

February 23, 2020 admin 0

DEFINITION of Debt Buyer A debt buyer is a company that purchases debt from creditors at a discount. Debt buyers, such as collection agencies or […]

Time-Barred Debt Definition

February 13, 2020 admin 0

What Is Time-Barred Debt? Time-barred debt is money a consumer borrowed and didn’t repay but which is no longer legally collectable because a certain number […]

When to Declare Bankruptcy

February 11, 2020 admin 0

If you have large debts that you can’t repay, are behind in your mortgage payments and in danger of foreclosure, are being harassed by bill […]


February 9, 2020 admin 0

What Is a Charge-Off? A charge-off is a debt, for example on a credit card, that is deemed unlikely to be collected by the creditor […]

Chapter 13

February 6, 2020 admin 0

What is Chapter 13 Chapter 13 refers to a U.S. bankruptcy proceeding in which the debtor undertakes a reorganization of his or her finances under […]