New Balance

February 22, 2020 admin 0

What is a New Balance New balance describes the amount that a credit card holder owes on their card at the end of the billing […]

What Is a Deadbeat?

February 14, 2020 admin 0

Deadbeat is a slang term for a credit card user who pays off his or her balance in full and on time every month, thus […]

Credit Card Blocks

February 14, 2020 admin 0

DEFINITION of Credit Card Blocks A credit card block is the reservation of a portion of a credit or debit card balance for the cost […]

What Is a Billing Statement?

February 14, 2020 admin 0

A billing statement is a monthly report that credit card companies issue to credit card holders showing their recent transactions, monthly minimum payment due, and […]

Balance Protection

February 13, 2020 admin 0

What Is Balance Protection? Balance protection is a type of optional coverage that is offered on a credit card account. Credit card issuers offer balance […]

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Purchase Rate

February 2, 2020 admin 0

What Is a Purchase Rate? The purchase rate is the interest rate applied to purchases made with a credit card. The purchase rate only applies […]

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Minimum Finance Charge

January 31, 2020 admin 0

What Is a Minimum Finance Charge? A minimum finance charge is the least amount of interest a borrower will have to pay their credit card […]